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A Steamy session with the tutor.

She was 2 years older to me, and a friend of my sister’s. She used to come often at our house, and when she got to know I am struggling in one of my subjects she offered to tutor me, every weekends, which I agreed to quite eagerly.

So, past one month she had been visiting and tutoring me on both days of the weekend. I already had a crush on her, when she used to visit my sister, but now seeing her up close, sitting beside me, had all my senses burning. It was hard to concentrate on her teachings, but she was quite strict and took the tutoring seriously, so in a way she was making me learn and get better at the subject. But I did take a glance at her now and then.

Whether she did them purposely or not but her clothes were getting bolder every session, and I was not going to complain. I would love to look at her breasts, and with most of her dresses I always use to get a peek at her cleavage, and let me tell you they were amazing. I so wished to somehow get those blouses off her. I realised though she was strict, I observed I always gave me a chance to look at her, admire her, without she catching me.

This Saturday, I was going to be alone at home, as my family were going out, and I was going to be left all alone with my sexy tutor. I was wondering what would she wear today, and as I was wondering, the bell rang. I checked my hair again, checked my breath, and ran to open the door. There she stood, curly black hair all left open, falling on her shoulders, she wore a blue skirt with the length just above her knee, a sexy sleeveless white top that highlighted her breasts perfectly; not sure if she wear a bra inside, but I was sure to find out soon.

We sat on our study desk, as usual she in front of me, she gave me some self-work to do, and I kept doing it, glancing at her breasts. I found she was leaning more towards me, almost like pretence of checking my work, and could see more into her breasts. They were amazing, due to desk the budged up a little, and I went bonkers, and already had a boner.

Suddenly she sat up, and came and sat beside me. She said i was doing something wrong, and as she told me the correct way, she leaned on me, and I could hear her breath. It was so hot, i gave out a small yell and tried to adjust my pants, as the bulge created by my dick made me underpants tight; and she saw it and gave a smile.

She closed the books in front of me, and asked me if I was ok. All embarrassed and awkward I said yes. She gave a smile again. Then she kissed my cheek and put her hand on my lap and slowly rubbing it she asked me if I was ever been with a girl? I found hard to speak with her closeness on me, but manager to just shake my head to say no.

“Ah, how I love virgin boys” she said. “They are the best tease”.

I still could not say a word. I did not know if I was dreaming or this was for real.

She slowly took her hand up my legs, on my dick and grabbed it. “Do you like that?” she asked.

‘oh yess!!!’ i replied this time.

She took my pants off, then my underwear, and took my bog bulged up dick in her hands. It was warm, and her hands felt cold, and that shiver gave me a sudden strike like all the blood in my body gushed up to my penis with all the sensations active. She moved her hand slowly up and down…. up and down; all the while she kept kissing my neck, my cheeks, my neck, and suddenly whispered in my ears.

” I know you keep looking at me, at my breasts specifically, and I know it cause I let you, I knew your parents won’t be home today, so I dressed up especially for you, do you like it?” she asked in the most sultry voice i ever heard.

I nodded rapidly, ‘yes! I love it!
she turned my head by her other hand and bent me to make my face completely buried in her cleavage, while not leaving the stroking that was happening on my dick with her other hand. I loved it. I liked her cleavage, tried to bite it, and thought if I ever suffocate and die, I would like to suffocate on those breasts.

In no time was I removing her clothes, and she was removing mine. We were totally naked. And it turned out she had no bra on. She had to be the hottest girl, for her breasts were perfectly shaped, her ass was small. Round and tight!!

She asked me to lie on the bed, and I did it immediately. I THOUGHT now i will be having sex! But she bent on her knees and took her face near my dick, and I was about to wonder on what she was planning to do, when she took the entire thing in her mouth, and kept moving it up and down…up and down. All the saliva, and her tight lips, made my dick bigger than i had ever seen it rise up that big. While she was giving me mouth, she took her tongue out when her lips were near my balls, and with the tongue she licked it, my dick still in her mouth, if that was not heaven, I had no idea what was. She whispered again, hearing my moans, “do not come yet”.

She did this for few more minutes, and then came forward, held my dick and inserted it in her vagina. She was on top of me, and she kept moving her upper body up and down. Up and down. Her vagina left amazing while she did this. I am going to pause a moment and tell you I stand corrected, ‘ this is actual heaven’ she felt so good, i kept moaning, and heard her moan as well, I took both my hands to her breasts and held them, one in each, and began to squeeze them, she moaned even more.

After few minutes i came inside her, and realised she came too. We were both wet with sweat, and without removing my dick out, she fell on me, and kissed me. ” Well dear, your sessions will have one more subject from now on” she,winked, kissing me again.

Punished by the Principal

“Hello, is this Mrs. Kapoor” said the man from the other end of the telephone.

” Yes, it’s her, its “Miss” Kapoor actually, may I know who this is?” The women replied.

” My apologies, Miss Kapoor, this is the principal from your son’s school, Pankaj Rathod. I am the newly appointed principal, and I would very much like to discuss with you regarding your son’s performance. Shall we say, today at evening around 4 will be good for you to visit us?” He was firm and direct, and this made the women little more aware. She was holding her mobile in between her ears and shoulders, trying hard to balance it, and meanwhile packing up her lunch. But now she left everything, corrected her posture and held the mobile in her hand.

” Yes sure, I have to go to work, bad I will manage at 4, is my son in any kind of trouble?” she asked.

” Let’s discuss everything once you are in my office Miss. Kapoor. See you at 4″ as he about to cut the call he added, ” and one more thing Miss. Kapoor, we have a dress code here for parents now, so please be in a skirt and a shirt, Thank you”.

Before she could response to such a request, the call had already ended. She thought about the request and found it quite weird. But then again, she knew what a troublemaker her son was, she did not want to make it worse. She has been a single mother and raised a kid who invented new ways to make lives of other people, a lot difficult. She was not taking any chances.

She wore a brown skirt and a white shirt, the skirt was knee length, with a cut near the knee, and the shirt was plain white tucked in the skirt, with a black leather belt between the two. She went to work, but could not work, all she thought about what her kid this time, and what will be consequences. What is he is expelled, who will care for her son, she had no money for baby sitter, while they find a new school for him? Life will be hell, she thought.

At exactly 4 to the clock, she reached the school, and searched for the principal’s office. The school was still in session, and she thought she could pick her son, as she is already here, once the closing bell rings, which will in the next hour.

She saw her office, and met his secretary outside,

” Hi, this is Miss. Kapoor, I was supposed to meet with Mr. Rathod at 4, so I here I am”

” Hello Miss Kapoor, we were waiting for you, let’s go in. ” The secretary answered, she was also wearing a skirt but a pink blouse, was well built, black hair which were tied neatly behind, she walked elegantly. Miss. Kapoor followed her inside.

The secretary waited till both were inside and closed the door behind her. She went to the seat besides the principal’s desk, and said, ” Miss Kapoor, this is Mr. Rathod the new Principal, and I am Miss Saki, his assistant; please have a seat.”

Miss Kapoor smiled and took the seat in front. Till not Mr. Rathod had not said a single word. She observed him, he wore a black suite, and white shirt and a blue tie to go with it. He was clean shaven, hair was perfectly cut, combed and set perfectly. He was very well dressed, not even any of her colleagues dressed so impeccably. She was impressed the moment she saw him.

“So, Miss Kapoor.” started Mr. Rathod.

” Please call me Shalini” Interrupting and blushing she interjected.

” Ok, Shalini” he said without any change in his expression and continued, “I have gone through your son’s file, and I see that he has been quite a troublemaker. All the teachers had a complaint, some quite serious. I don’t tolerate this kind of behavior in my office Miss. Shalini, and I want to be very clear on that. I would never let a file run so thick. Now if I were not new, I would have expelled your son by now…”

Before he could finish talking, Shalini worriedly interjected, ” Please Mr. Rathod, I have…”

“Let me finish Miss. Shalini. As I was saying, I would have expelled him but since this is new for me here in this school, I like to give new beginning to everyone. But your son’s doings cannot go unpunished. Do You agree?”

She had no option but to agree, she cannot risk anything, she cannot let her son get expelled. “Yes, I do agree, whatever you say, will be ok with me, detention, extra classes, extra activities, you name it, and my son will do it.”

He chuckled, and said,” No Miss Shalini, that won’t do, I believe more in a stricter kind of punishments, punishments that make people not repeat their mistakes. Corporal punishments are what choose”

Completely shocked, and taken back by the word corporal, Shalini said, “Corporal Punishment? I am sure you are not serious, corporal punishments are no longer permitted. you can’t do that!!”

Miss. Saki got up and stood behind Miss Shalini, as Mr. Rathod spoke, ” I am aware of that, and I would not do that, to your son that is. But parents, we can agree can be excluded from that right? I believe if parents are made more accountable children are much well behaved. Could you please stand up Miss Shalini?”

Miss Shalini was completely taken by shock. But when she saw him standing up, she got a clearer picture of him, tall well built, he had a dominating aura around him, and like a spell bounding her she stood up. Mr. Rathod instructed Miss Saki and Miss Shalini, and they both followed.

Miss Saki took Miss Shalini near the couch, then took off Miss Shalini’s belt, and then her skirt. Miss Shalini did not hesitate, as she kept her gaze on Mr. Rathod, as he went and sat on the couch. Miss Shalini thought if it was the best time to wear a thong, because she knew she was going to get a good spanking today. Mr. Rathod Saw her, gazed her from top to bottom, and smiled, then asked to come and bend on his lap.

Miss. Shalini knew she should object, she should deny and walk out, but she could not seem to control herself in front of him, and so she obeyed.

Miss Saki, gave him a paddle but Mr. Rathod, decided he will do it with his hands. Next thing Miss Shalini could feel was the thrust his hand smacked her right cheek with. First, she gave out a light yell, but has the count went high, she gave a small moan. She began to like it, the pain was feeling more erogenous.

Mr. Rathod rubbed her cheek in circular motion as he herd the moan and moved his middle finger through the rim of her thong, and slowly touching her vagina. Miss Shalini moaned, and she felt good, no one had ever made her feel so good. She was not sure anymore if that was a punishment she was getting or pleasure…

He rubbed her vagina, with just his fingers, and kept listening to her moans. Miss Saki was near her mouth trying to tone down her moans, they were still in school. Miss Saki, first covered Miss Shalini’s face with her hands, but then later started kissing her.

He spanked her again a couple of times and then rubbed her vagina yet again, Miss Shalini found it extremely hard, to control herself, and as miss Saki gave her a tight kiss on the lips with tight rub by him down there, Miss Shalini came. It was the greatest pleasure she had experienced, without even having sex.

The moment she came, Mr. Rathod asked her to get up and get dressed.

” So, Miss Shalini, this is what you will get every time your son creates trouble around here. Miss Saki will show you out and get in touch with you on further meetings. You may now go”

Still covered in sweat and still huffing a bit, she managed to say, ” Ahh, yes sure thing Mr. Rathod, whatever you say.” and she headed out.

Cafe Lust!

I saw her come inside the cafe, the moment I saw her, I could not take my eyes off. She wore a tight white shirt, a black shirt, black stockings, and with beautiful blonde hair, she just walked inside.

She wore a tight white shirt, a black shirt, black stockings, and with beautiful blonde hair, she just walked inside. As she gave a look around, she went to place her order, and took a sit directly in front of me. She sat down, legs folded, and the cut of her skirt highlighted her thighs and calves perfectly. It was a tease from the start. She looked gorgeous!

I was reading on my iPad, and having my coffee, but the moment I saw her, I could only do since then was stare at her, admire her. I could not help myself, my eyes were out of my control. All I wanted to do was go there introduce myself and run my hands through those juicy thighs.

Her breasts, ohh her breasts, that shirt did justice to them, tight and round, they showcased them perfectly, it felt if she could take a sudden deep breath, her button holding those breasts, could pop out anytime.

As I gazed from her thighs to her beasts, from her breasts as I gazed up to see her face, I saw her looking straight at me. I did not dither, I stuck to my gaze, and to all my astonishment, she smiled. She gave a good look at me, from toes to my face again, and smiled again. I guess, it was her way of saying she approved of me. I returned the smile, that gave me courage.

Like a wild fire, the fire raced inside me, I felt the heat, and could no longer control. I got up, and went to her, stood there for a second, smiled, and walked ahead. I went to the washroom, saw her looking at me, I kept the door open and went inside.

Few seconds passed, and I thought she missed the hint, or I went over the line, misjudged her. But as I was about give up, I saw her standing in the door. She came inside and locked the door behind. I smiled, heat rising within me to the extreme levels, I waited for her to make a move, I wore a black one-piece, my hair was tied in small little pony.

She came rushing towards me like a wrecking ball, and kissed me, her hand went on my thighs, first clenching it then slowly moving, up-to the rim of my panties. I grabbed her, both my hand in her beautiful smooth hair, and kissing her, Frenching her. She made me turn, and she was now behind me, she kissed my neck, bite it, and then grabbed my breasts, it was a firm but passionate grab, I moaned and moaned.

She took her one hand down, and inside my panties, slowly brushing the hair there, she rubbed my vagina, so gently and so softly, I gave a small yell, but she cared less that my yell might be heard outside. She removed my panties, and in the mirror, I saw her tuck them at the rim of her skirt.

I wanted to pleasure her too, grab those breasts, but she whispered, ” It’s all for you, baby.”; and to be fair, I did not protest. Her hand, her heat, her body felt so nice on me, it was the best I felt for a long time. she slowly inserted her fingers inside me, and began to move it to and forth, to and forth. Meanwhile her hand still on my breasts, rubbing them, pinching them, pressing them, pulling them, and her lips moving all over my neck, and my back, as she had already unzipped my dress.

I moaned heavily, sweats flowing, heat flowing within me, like the water that gushes out when all the doors of the damns are opened, I gave a final scream and I came.

The energy it took, I leaned on the basin for a moment, regained my strength, and looked behind to give her a kiss.

But she was gone. I could not see her, the door was closed, but unlocked. I hurried, tidied up myself and re-zipped my dress, and ran outside, but she was nowhere to be seen. I went to her table, and all that was left was a piece of napkin, with words written – ‘ Hope you like it’ and kiss mark made by her lipstick. I held the paper to my chests. I knew I will never see her again. But that day will be the best I will ever experience in my lifetime.

~A girl surely understand a girl the way it should be~